Author: Barbara Brosher

Volunteers Play Key Role In Maintaining Indiana’s Cemeteries

Most of the cemeteries Hoosiers are familiar with are large and well-established, containing acres of headstones. But there are more than 12,000 cemeteries in Indiana, and you might be surprised by where you’ll find some of them. They can be as small as just one headstone, and many are in hard-to-reach locations. As funding for cemetery […]

Should Indiana Change The Bar Exam To Address Low Passing Rates?

The state is trying to figure out why fewer people are passing Indiana’s bar exam. The number hit an all-time low last February, when only 51 percent of all takers passed. A study commission is looking into what could be contributing to the problem in Indiana, and whether the state needs to make changes.

Do Indiana’s Civil Forfeiture Laws Violate The State Constitution?

Police seized millions of dollars last year they say was tied to criminal activity. But what happens to that money is a source of major controversy. Ahead in part two of our series on civil forfeiture, we’ll explain where the money goes – and why some say that needs to change. READ MORE